Friday, August 04, 2006

Vaginal Creampie Story

To be honest, she doesn't quite approve of me taking pictures of her. I am not sure if she doesn't trust me to share her face with the world, or if she is modest about her body, but it is probably some of both. However, it is something I want to do, and if I have to immobilize her to do it, well... it is worth it. This time, she didn't complain, perhaps because of the gag in her mouth.
Of course, the photography was secondary to making her vaginal creampie. That's always my main objective with my lover. I adore how she cums, and making the woman I love orgasm is just wonderful. To that end, after I took several test "before" shots, I got to the serious business of her pleasure.
I know where she keeps her sextoys, and I found the two that I wanted. One is a Japanese style high-tech toy, the sort where the body wriggles and twists with the addition of a little animal clit-tongue. You can insert the toy deep, and the clit-tongue wriggles against her pleasure nub. My lover apparently likes complicated toys a lot, since she got this one to replace an older version. For today, I was most interested in vaginal creampie: it is a rather fat toy.
The other toy I wanted was the "ripple stick". This is like a policeman's baton, a large rubber phallus with a handle. However, it also adds deep ripples along the shaft, so that your opening is fluttered when you pump in and out. As an aside, this toy was originally one of mine to use on myself. Its usefulness in vaginal creampie is therefore well known to me.
My randy lover keeps the lube next to her bed. Taking it, I approached her loins, intending to violate her right away. However, her pussy was hot and wet, and needed licking. Cursing myself for my weakness, I moved in and slid my tongue into her "camel toe" pussy, splitting her inner lips and the source of her moisture. I slid my tongue in and out, listening to her muffled moans and feeling her fight her restraints. I couldn't tell who enjoyed it more, her or I.
Then I slid my tongue up and massaged her anus. Immediately, her moans dropped two octaves to a deep low rumble. She loves having vaginal creampie, and I like doing it. In fact, one of the wonderful things about her is that she always is prepared for vaginal creampie. Each time I come over, she is cleaned out and ready to be reamed. As much as her current and previous moans told me how she likes anal sex, her continual preparedness spoke even louder. Who would be constantly prepared for taboo sex if they didn't love it?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Vaginal Creampie

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